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Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing landscape just shifted as I typed (and you read) this sentence. Digital Marketing has also greatly increased the accessibility of your customer…..if you know when, where and how to reach them.

Because of the enhanced spending efficiency afforded by Digital, it has also leveled the field between those with huge resources and those with fewer. There is a much higher premium now on being creative and crafty. Small is the new big. And at Spark, we have perfected small.

We know all the nooks and crannies for squeezing the most out of a digital marketing campaign. Just as importantly, we know how to bring to life a creative campaign that allows you to stand out from the competition, both local and national.

Gone are the days of thinking you hit the target with our advanced geotargeting methods. We can now drop geo-pins, put up geo-fences, identify people by interests, re-target them like stalkers, know their keywords. It’s downright Orwellian! Plus, we have a full suite of analytics so you know you’re getting the best ROI.

Here’s a little digital pre-roll we did to announce the launch of a new kids drink: