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Video Delivers!

We have been doing A/B testing on social media with video, static images and slide shows. With a artfully done video we are seeing engagement and click through rates double what other Ads and posts receive! Check out an artisan spot!

Why video needs to be a core part of your marketing strategy:

A strategically created video placed on the right platforms gets results! Now that Facebook has 120K categories to market to, the cost per impression makes this a tactic for any size brand or business!


Radio Radio!

One of our Orthopedic clients recently opened an Urgent Care location to broaden their patient reach. This is largely a location based business, so nothing like some creative radio to get the word out! The business is breaking records…..err booming! Have a listen…..

Gaining awareness and calling out the value proposition in a creative way. We pit a little Spark in this business!

Fully Integrated Marketing Campaign

We’re honored to be doing all the Digital Marketing, Social Media, Radio, TV, Print Design and Website Development for the Anne Frank exhibit coming to MOSH! http://annefrankjax.com

Orthopedic Practice Branding

Building an orthopedic practice “brand” in a potential patient’s mind may begin with the right custom photography on the website. Creative photography communicates quality and the highest standards of care!


Moving Pictures

Yet another vote for video. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a quality video worth? We love video. Writing, creating, directing, producing, editing. Even on Twitter!


Marketing and Advertising Effectiveness

This topic has been debated since fire was discovered. How exactly do you get the news out on fire? And did that message and method work? The amount of advertising measuring metrics is equal to the number of opinions on the subject. But if your marketing isn’t directly tied to your business goals, well it’s all just, opinion.

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