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Who Has Hired Spark

Meet Spark Inc.

We won’t waste your time with the typical ad agency “philosophy” section. You know, where the agency inevitably blathers on about their staff of truly rare individuals who, through some sort of near-divine fate, came together to pursue some kind of undying quest for breakthrough ideas.

Makes us roll our eyes, too.

At Spark, Inc., instead of trying to sell you on vague gobbeldy-gook, we’d rather give you the three definitive reasons why we’re different than anyone else you might be considering.


Our staff is made up of big agency talent with experience growing some of the world’s most successful brands. That means clients get access to Fortune-500 level work without needing a Fortune-500 level budget. It also means you’ll get research, strategy, and execution of the utmost quality. Best of all, we proudly offer small agency dedication and service with none of the attitude you get from the big guys.


Clients choose us solely for the value we offer. There’s just about no chance we’ll call you to play a round of golf at a country club. No one on our staff has sky box seats. We’ll keep you as a client because the biggest perk in working with us is the results you’ll get.


We offer all the services you’d typically find only at larger firms. This includes the latest 4K UHD video production, cutting-edge web development, graphic design, professional writing, photography, strategic consultation, media purchasing and more. Sure, we’re not ten deep at every position but you’ll get A-level talent for whatever service you need.

Sadly, nobody on our staff is this attractive or hip. (Heck, we don’t even use post-it notes) However, we are freaking great at helping clients.

At Spark, we’re about great. Great work, great results and great long-term relationships. We’re young. We’re hungry. And we’re ready to outwork the agency your competition hired. If you’re ready to create a spark, we’ll make it happen!

Limited time offer: Free small idea with purchase of any big idea.

We're never in a rush. We have unlimited money to spend. And we're happy to compromise on quality.

- Not you.We’re just guessing

Our Services

Whatever you need, we have you covered. And remember, we have no B-Team. That means you only get top
talent touching your project

Digital Marketing

Pay per click management, Search Engine Optimization, Geo-fencing, Re-targeting, and more.

Media Planning

Strategic planning with multiple media platforms

Social Media Content Creation and Management

Provocative posting, Engaging content, Social MARKETING.

Video Production

Highest quality production, editing and effects. Tell your story with impact.

Website Development

Dazzling websites that look equally stunning across mobile, PCs and whatever’s next.

Reputation Management

Social platforms, Industry review sites, Google reviews and more.

Branding and Design

Strengthen the emotional personality of your organization, product or service.

It's amazing to see this level of work for such reasonable rates. They'll take your idea and run with it or come up with something original. Phenomenal service too.

Tony MilianJohnson & Johnson

Spark took the time to understand our business and our culture. We are pleased!

Brenda MilesPapa John's Pizza International

Talented, dedicated and committed. One in a million.

Cathy ManzonThe Loop


Monday–Friday | 9–5 EDT

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We’ve gone fully remote!
Please send all mail to:

11111 San Jose Blvd., Suite 56
Jacksonville, FL 32223

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