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ThinkSpark's Greatest Creative
Idea Was Building A New
Type Of Agency.

While we’re psyched to show off the creative work waiting for you in a hot, spicy minute, some of our most dazzling creativity actually goes into how we operate. ThinkSpark offers large agency talent but in a small agency setting. That means more dedication, crazy fast response times, and none of the frills that lead to big agency costs.

First, we THINK about your business to capitalize on opportunities and capture your authentic voice. Then we SPARK indelible, inspired campaigns, delivering unmatched results. No wonder our clients are growing so fast, and we’re one of America’s fastest-growing marketing firms. (Thanks for the shout-out, Inc. Magazine.) From Fortune 100 companies to startups, if you have potential, we want you on our client roster. Seriously.

Sparking Results Since 2004.


We cogitate. We analyze.
We strategize.

We also ponder, admittedly obsess, but most importantly, we solve. Call it cerebellum serendipity. Our clients get phenomenal results thanks to our transformative insights that ignite brands and torch the competition.

Pouring our brainpower into helping some of the world’s largest brands is in our DNA. Now at ThinkSpark, our prefrontal cortex is all yours.


We dream. We envision.
We create.

We also innovate, originate and, most importantly, motivate. The SPARK team takes the insights and strategy from the THINK team and develops work that demands attention, connects with impact, and inspires action.

From irreverent and funny to deeply moving and meaningful, we take pride in the range of tones we can deliver for clients. All done without any drama (or crazy costs) that you find with typical creative teams.

How We Torch The Ho Hum.


Our Work Sparks For Itself.



Vicar’s Landing

Education Marketing Firm

Duval County Public Schools

Cancer Practice Oncology Marketing

Cancer Specialists

Mountain Dew


The Law Office of Susan Mager

Cat 5



The Loop



Turner Pest Control

11111 San Jose Blvd Suite 56
Jacksonville, FL 32223

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