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Think About This...

At Spark, we think a bit differently. (Ok, maybe a lot differently.) Our creativity continues to help spark indelible, unforgettable, thought-provoking, action-generating communications. That takes enough brain energy to power a medium-sized city. But are just getting going.

As we’ve expanded with triple-digit growth over the last few years, clients increasingly rely on us not just for a creative spark but for deep thinking about their marketing strategy, their brand, their opportunities, and their business goals. So, we need a name that better reflects the agency we’ve become and the expanded team we’ve assembled to provide critical strategic thinking. Soon, we’ll be officially updating our name to ThinkSpark. We’ll still be still the smallest ad agency on earth. Still the biggest bang for your buck. We’re just updating our name and debuting a pretty sweet new logo to better convey who we are today.

We look forward to serving you as ThinkSpark and thank you for the trust you continue to place in our agency.